Do I own the investment property or am I buying a piece of a real estate fund?

You will have 100% ownership of your investment property. Under no circumstances will your money be “pooled” with other investors in a real estate fund or on multiple investment properties.


How much money do I need to start investing in the Invest in Bridgeport program?

For those clients who might not have the funds available today we are knowledgeable of methods that help our clients invest using many unconventional methods including IRA’s, 401(k), 403(b), pensions, whole life insurance policies, stock bonds and other liquidable and assets. We facilitate the down payment acquisition that is require for our no money down program. Typical investors would need to have access of a minimum of $10,000-$40,000 but with INB we facilitate a ZERO closing cost.Once you select a home you want to purchase, there is a industry standard earnest deposit placed in the attorney’s  escrow account and goes to the purchase of your home. Down payment is as low as 3.5 percent of the home price.


Do you offer referral fees?

Yes we do! We are a referral-based business and over 90% of our current clients have come through word-of-mouth. We offer up to $5,000 referral fees for any client that you bring to our team who purchase one of our properties. We also offer up to $5,000  for those who are realtors. You’ll just need to call or email our office and provide first name, last name, phone number and email address of your referral in order to receive credit if they join. You can call the office at 203-997-0449 or email


Are the properties you sell already renovated and rented?

Yes, all investments will already have been purchased by Invest in Bridgeport, renovated and filled with a qualified tenant. That means from the moment you close on your first investment property, you are earning cash flow and a high ROI!


Who provides the property management?

INB secures Property Management  clients. In our opinion, the most important part of the decision to invest in rental properties is the strength of your property management team. And your property management team MUST be committed to delivering high quality residents for your rental properties. It’s just that simple. Real estate with complete peace of mind just isn’t possible any other way.

How does Invest in Bridgeport make money?

Invest in Bridgeport makes a profit on the purchase and sale of the investment property. We do not take kickbacks or referral fees from any of our external teammates including mortgage brokers, contractors, insurance agents or any other real estate vendor. Peace of Mind Property Management handles the on-going property management of the investment and makes a profit through monthly property management fees, tenant placement fees and other standard fees associated with property management.