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We build passive income streams through rental portfolios in Bridgeport Ct. Our team handles every aspect of the transaction for our clients. We do all of the heavy lifting – and that’s the way we like it! This allows our clients to make sound, objective decisions based on the cash flows and returns – without all the other headaches that typically come along with rental property investments. Passive investing means that we (INB) take care of all the ins and outs of the entire investing process while are clients receive monthly returns on their investment without actively participating in the daily management of their investment. Complete peace of mind is our goal in the Invest In Bridgeport Wealth Builders program and that’s what we deliver to our clients.

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Acquisition is the first step of our program. We acquire a variety of property types ranging from properties that need a lot of work or gut renovation and/or just cosmetic repairs to revitalize them back to their original beauty of a new construction! From that, we count on our incredible team of project managers. They make sure that the rickety properties become beautiful, livable homes for residents.

We work only with fully licensed and insured contractors. Our renovations take about 60 days to complete on average and expenses average between $50,000 – $100,000. Our full-service property management team is hired once the property is renovated. It is a professional team of agents who can rent out our client’s properties very fast and for the highest market rental rates. Our property management company will serve as the primary contact point for your residents. That way you will be spared phone calls late at night about broken toilets or tedious explanations about why this month’s rent will be a little late. All this and more will be handled by our Bridgeport team without a single worry on your part. Peace of mind is guaranteed!

If you are ready to build passive income today or want to find out what we can do for you, contact our office at (203) 997-0449 to speak to a Wealth Builder Advisor.



If you are new to investing, you will speak with a Wealth Builder Advisor who will review our program with you and learn about your goals in order to create your rental portfolio. As our client, you will earn consistent, passive income streams through any of the investment properties that we have available.

Next, all you have to do as a client to start generating money from returns, is to make a decision to purchase, and our team will do the rest. If the client would prefer to use an independent IRA for real estate investments or if financing is needed, our group of specialists will help you through the transaction, from start to finish.

After you have purchased your first rental property in the Invest in Bridgeport Wealth Builders program, that’s where the fun begins. In the 2 weeks following your purchase, our Investor Relations team will call you up at least once, to ensure that all questions you may have are answered. We are available to you for the duration of your membership.

If there are any problems with maintenance or tenant payment, we have a full-service team waiting to solve these for you, so you won’t even be aware of them. What we look for in the Invest Bridgeport Wealth Builders project is that you are worry free and completely at peace. If you are ready to build passive income today call us at 203-997-0449.

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